A Space for Growth and Education: My 2 years at the Wellness Resource Center.

I’ve learned so much from all the incredible people that work there.

I got the amazing opportunity to work as the Graphic Design Intern for the Wellness Resource Center, Temple University’s health education office. If your club or organization has ever had student peers educate you on topics like sexual health, mental well-being, alcohol and other drugs, then that was us! Also, if you’ve completed the online education required by Temple for incoming students, that’s us too, so thank you for engaging in an invaluable education tool that helps us serve the Temple community.


It’s hard to begin to explain all that the Wellness Resource Center has taught me. I’ve learned so much from all the incredible people that work there. Being an education office, I’ve learned so much more than what my job entailed. I got to learn from so many passionate and intelligent students and staff in my two years at the WRC, it really felt like a little family. I started my position as a difficult time in my life and the WRC has certainly helped my grow not only as a professional, but as a person. I’ve been able to see the effect that community support has on people with my own eyes and I am forever grateful for the WRC for not only giving me a safe, welcoming, and affirming space, but also for allowing me to express my creativity in a way that made me feel like I was making a difference on campus.


My time at the WRC has certainly given me more passion for public health, community engagement, and wellness education. I’m not sure I’d dedicate my career to one path at this moment in time, but I am certainly more educated and enthusiastic about wellness that I ever have been.


Everyone I met through the WRC office has welcomed me with warmth, kindness, and even friendship. I can honestly say I will remember the friends and coworkers from the office for the rest of my life. It is a blessing and a curse that one of my first experiences in an office setting was so fantastic because now I will forever be striving to recreate the environment of love and respect the WRC offered me. Liz Zadnik, my supervisor was always so communicative, well-organized, and always was ready to offer kind words and reassurance. Alison McKee was always so passionate about the outreach done by the WRC and created such a welcoming space. Jane Egan inspired me so much with her affirming programs and dedication to providing such great programming. Brittany Robinson was always so appreciative of the work I did and so much fun to have around. Vicky Nucci’s laugh is infections and she is such a joy to be around and learn from. Corinne Austen was so amazing at supporting everyone and being a great supporter of the WRC’s efforts. I could go on for hours about how amazing the staff at the WRC is and I still could not do them justice.


A piece of advice I’d give that I learned in all of my internships is: don’t be afraid to talk to people. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or just how someone’s day was going. My first internship I hardly spoke to anyone around me, to the point that my coworkers never learned my name. There was a lot of wasted potential and opportunity for growth that I did not capitalize on. So no matter where you are try to say good morning and greet others in the hallways, because aside from the networking potential, it will just make your work experience so much more positive.


Also, if any of this sounded like fun to you, you can apply to fill my spot by emailing lzadnik@temple.edu with your resume and work samples!

Our space in the Student Center.

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