A Taste of Latino Culture

This semester I have been fortunate enough to intern at AL DIA News Media. AL DIA is a Latino newspaper that provides Latino News, Issues, & Opinion in the greater Philadelphia area. AL DIA has created such a great niche market that it has been awarded high honors and is the topic Hispanic news source in the area. This achievement has gotten the advertising business of major companies such as Best Buy, Home Depot, Rite Aid, Macy’s and Verizon.
My role at AL DIA is in the marketing department. I focus more on AL DIA’s branch company, the Latino Professional Network (LPN). LPN is designed to help Latino’s in the area network with one another at monthly events and in social media. My responsibilities include promoting LPN events and starting the buzz via social media. I also am invited to attend these events that are always in unique places.
The biggest project I have been working on is one that I am lucky to be a part of. AL DIA’s 20th Anniversary is this year and they are having a Gala celebration on Saturday, November 17th at the National Constitution Center. This entire semester I have been assisting in all the details of planning this event. I have been helping with invitations and social media promotion. I will also be assisting at the event on Saturday. I am very excited to go to such a prestigious networking event.
So far, this internship has really opened my eyes to the unique and rapidly growing Latino culture in Philadelphia. I have also gained experience in knowing how a creative environment works together with the business side of the company. Even though I am an art direction track, the business/marketing side of the business is also very fun. I learned how much detail and time goes into planning events and how much pressure is on the event planning team to do a flawless job. I will be giving another update once my internship gets closer to the end and after the gala has passed!

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