This Spring Semester I had the pleasure of completing my internship with Oral Surgery Consultants of Pennsylvania. They are a fairly large company, with 4 locations across the greater Philadelphia area including the South Philadelphia location where I went to fulfill my hours. What goes into the marketing of an Oral Surgery business you might ask. There are simple things which every business encounters, such as upkeep of their website and social media pages; the media pages are something we are working hard to freshen up. Also, there are some more unique things like giving gifts to referral offices to keep in good standing with them, and recruiting and welcoming new referrals into the network to bring more business to all parties. Oral Surgery has only recently created a marketing sector of their business and has a had a few different professionals in charge since the start. This is their first time trying out an internship with a College student, with their goal being to bring someone in to help the marketing leader they have, Susan, get the marketing of their business off the ground, as it is very new to them. I enjoyed my time there, and I hope they continue this program into the future.