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I recently discovered this amazing designer, Jessica Hische. She is amazing at lettering (drawing her own type), design, and illustration. She is only 5 years out of college and has an absolutely amazing and very impressive portfolio. Her work has been featured in many publications like Entertainment weekly, New York Magazine, People Magazine, O Magazine, and Wired Magazine (just to name a few). She is a freelancer, living in Brooklyn, but she went to art school here in Philadelphia, at Temple’s own art school, Tyler.

Here is some of her work, beware…your going to want to steal it!



Here is a couple of quotes (that I found on her website) from Jessica Hische that I thought was great advice:

“If you want to be a good letterer, you have to make as much of it as possible and look at as much of it as possible. Buy old type books (if you can find them). Buy art history books about vintage type (Euro Deco is one I’ll always recommend—tons of great examples). Practice, practice, practice. If you have the patience to keep plugging along at it, you’ll be great in no time, I swear. There is no fast track to being a great letterer. No matter what tool you use, it takes time to master it and then once you’ve mastered your tool and developed your eye for detail the real fun happens.”
“When you’re not doing client work, do a lot of personal work. It takes a lot of practice and exploration to be a great designer, so do it in any way possible. When looking for a day job, decide what is important to you. Jobs at big places or advertising firms tend to pay better but the work is less creative. Jobs at small studios pay less (much less sometimes) but the work can be really creative and rewarding. Plan ahead. Think of the kind of work you want to be doing and try to find the most direct path to that.”

To learn more about Jessica Hische, and see more of her Work, go to her website!

She also has a page on her website that lists links to her favorite places and designers on the web. Click here to go directly to that page.



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