I was surprised to see these ads placed consecutively on every other page. I thought it was so unusual. They say that it takes three impressions for a consumer to remember a product. In last month’s issue of Rolling Stone, three of the ads appeared in the same way. I was going to blog about it, but I changed my mind. I even tried to remember what the ads were about, but I didn’t. I’m not sure that rule of 3 applies within a single publication. Maybe it only applies to TV spots…? Ultimately, I thought it was “cheating” if following that rule was the intention of the media planner.

There are often times when one may see a TV spot run back to back and they may wonder why. Usually, one spot is national and one is local– usually. For magazines, I really couldn’t say. So after seeing not three, but four pop up this time I just had to say something.

The illegible copy in each ad consists of drink recipes.

Rolling Stone

June 2010