Adjusting to Adulthood

My internship this semester was overall a huge learning experience. Not only did I learn about the work I was doing and the industry I was working in, but I was learning how to be a fully functioning, working adult. That was probably the hardest lesson for me. I’m not someone that has ever been a morning person. I’m not one of those people that physically cannot function before noon, but I’ve never loved getting up early. Transitioning myself, and my sleep schedule, to allow me to get up at 7:30 AM on Mondays and Wednesdays was a challenge. Figuring out how to give myself enough time to actually get out of my bed, get ready, and get on the subway into the city was a little bit of trial and error at first. I realized I liked getting up a little earlier and being the first one in the office. It was also an adjustment getting used to working a full 9-5 day. I don’t think I’ve ever sat in one place for that long in my life. At first, the days felt so long and I was so exhausted by the end I didn’t want to do anything else the rest of the day. Eventually, I got used to that too and eight hours at a desk wasn’t so bad. I learned I could actually focus for that long if I tried (and consumed a lot of coffee) and I could actually get a lot done. I realized adulthood, and being on an adult schedule, really isn’t that bad. And 7 AM isn’t the worst hour of the day after all.

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