Advertising agencies need not apply!

Hi, my name is Oyinda Medugbon and I am currently working at an internship at Time Warner Cable’s Marketing department in New York. My track is copy and I always thought I’d work on the agency side, creating and writing copy for advertising like I’d seen on Mad Men.

However as anyone knows those internships are pretty hard to come by, especially in the BIg Apple so I started to explore other opportunities on the corporate side which I’d never considered before.Turns out that was probably the best idea I’d ever had!

If you’re an advertising major and you’ve never thought about working on the corporate side in a marketing or advertising team at a company, I definitely recommend you give it  a try! Corporate companies have their in house teams who liaise and work with other advertising and marketing agencies to create their campaigns. So you get to work on different projects in my case, from media buys to radio remotes to added value promotions! Its really pretty cool how much you can learn just from working on a creative or marketing team for a brand because its 100% focused. Its been pretty interesting learning from the team here and everyone is really helpful. This experience has definitely changed my perspective and I’m looking to work after graduation on the corporate side.

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