Advertising an event with IG-Creative

Recently with IG-Creative’s client, Philadelphia Mans Basketball League (, we planned their Season 3 Draft Night at Ladder 15 on 15th and Chestnut. We were given the task of creating a flyer, promotion and creating a Facebook event for the draft night. I was also called to help out with set up and running of the event for PMBL. The creative aspect went smoothly. Because of the recent sponsorship by And 1 basketball company, the first draft of the flyer that PMBL loved, had to be changed a few times. Dealing with school and finals coming up, then also getting calls during class to make changes to a flyer as soon as possible was pretty hectic. I also found myself taking on multiple roles as an art director and copywriter. Im not given the copy for projects from the client or my mentor. Instead I’m creating it myself and then submitting it to get feedback. Originally I was under the impression that I would be given copy and just have to art direct and design. I was wrong. Other than that the creative aspect went relatively smooth. The crazy part was the actual event. Being at Ladder 15, which is a bar, dealing with drunk attendees, while trying to keep the event going smoothly and efficiently was the hardest part. We ran into a few speed bumps, like the internet connection and dealing with the drunk people, but overall the event went very well and everyone had a great time. Afterwards, I edited the 1st round draft picks photos, which were uploaded to the website and Facebook.

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