I tend to think about my future career as a name tag. A pre-written sticker that demands you write in one word to define your entire career. Engineer. Doctor. Journalist. Yep, all those fit just fine. Writer with lofty dreams to explore, learn, and overcome the world one adventure at a time..let me grab my fine point pen. This was, is, and will continue to be my struggle of where a professional career (I mean one where you actually earn a living. Professional Netflix Binger don’t pay no bills!) fits into where I see my life going. I can confidently say that every single one of us didn’t dream of having an office job when they grew up. I surely didn’t. We were looking to fly into space, defeat evil dragons, and save the princess, you know, living the Super Mario Galaxy lifestyle. So here’s the million dollar question: How does one fit all those dreams and aspirations into a one word job title? Simple. Put your life into your work. Don’t let your work become your life. This is where all the greatest ideas come from, and it’s also how you’re going to make it 40+ years in the professional industry of your choice.

Throughout my time as a copywriting intern at LevLane Advertising | PR | Interactive, I’ve come to this realization. I see so many incredibly creative people in LevLane’s office who don’t dream to make direct mailers all day. They dream, and most importantly act on those dreams, about creating their own TV shows, backpacking across Europe, and continuing to learn as much about anything and everything as possible. Yes, they still create direct mailers. The difference is that these direct mailers or really any piece of work is assembled from an active and hungry soul. One that channels the self-motivated-outside-the-office endeavor’s energy into everything from direct mailers to company-saving campaigns. That, my friends, is how you fit a career into your life.

So next time you feel as though a career is a name tag, full of pre-determined rules and structures. Remember, the name tag doesn’t wear you, you wear the name tag.