Advertising’s role in magazines

There are many different directions you can go with a degree in advertising. One exciting job possibility in the world of advertising is working at a magazine. To get a perspective on what this would be like, I got to interview Kayla Mayhew, 21, who is currently interning at Philadelphia Style Magazine.

Kayla Mahew

DW: “Where are you currently interning?”

KM: “Philadelphia Style Magazine.”

DW: “How did you go about applying for this job?”

KM: “I got in contact with the sales department, and set up an interview.”

DW: “What questions were you asked in the interview process?”

KM: “Some of the questions were, ‘what are your strengths/weaknesses, what do you want to pursue in the future’, and of course the infamous ‘tell me about yourself’.”

DW: “What are some of your duties at your internship?”

KM: “I do a lot of account organizing through databases that I had to learn, as well as displays and contract filing, and updating.”

DW: “Have you learned any new important skills you could add to your resume?”

KM: “Yes, I have learned all about the two databases used in the magazine sales business. Now I can say that I know more than one side of the advertising business.”

DW: “How would you describe your work environment?”

KM: “Very calm, and comfortable, though people are still hard at work.”

DW: “What do you think is the most interesting part of your internship?”

KM: “Getting to interact with the businesses that advertise with the magazine, and seeing the circular motion of the sales business.”

DW: “Do you find it hard to balance school work and an internship?”

KM: “Somewhat—because while you are working, you have to concentrate completely on the task(s) that your employer gives you.”

DW: “What advice would you give to students looking to intern @ Philadelphia Style magazine, or somewhere similar?”

KM: “I would recommend that you come to work everyday feeling excited, ready to work, and keep a positive attitude at all times. Also, you should take in everything that surrounds you.”

Current Issue of Philadelphia Style Magazine

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