Advice From an Event Planning Professional

From Cashman & Associates, the top 5 tips for those who will be involved with event planning in their career

Interning with an agency that is known for its events has provided me with tons of real life experience in event planning. I’ve asked Michelle Conron, the Public Relations Director at Cashman & Associates, some of her top 5 tips for those who will be involved with event planning in their career.

1. Take your job & client services seriously.

All of your efforts are reflected on the events and work you create. If you had a high attention to detail and are professional, it will get you far. Always approach everything with a strategy in mind that is relevant to your client and think about what’s going to drive their objectives.

2. Make sure your team is on the same page.

The event planner is only as strong as the team is. If everyone has different expectations of what they must accomplish for an event, it might lead to failure. Coordinating and being the ‘go-to’ person on your team ensures that the communication within the team is strong and on the same page.

3. Think about the event experience through a guest’s POV.

Changing your point-of-view allows you to plan the event so it is seamless for attendees to navigate. Ask yourself these questions:

What do I wear?

When I arrive to the venue, is there valet or parking?

Is parking far from the venue?

Does someone open the door for me and greet me?

Where is check-in?

Is the floorplan of the event easy to navigate?

Where is the food and bar?

If it’s a cocktail hour, what time is the next installment?

4. Think about what can go wrong at your event.

Nothing is more worse than dealing with a situation at an event you so carefully planned. Creating contingency plans that solve or address possible scenarios will put you, your client, and your vendors at ease. Learning things like nearby medical facilities, first-aid kits, backup generators, additional event space, etc. will help you plan a successful event – no matter what happens.

5. Always have extra bussers.

No one wants to stand or sit with used plates and glasses because it disrupts the flow of the event. Having a multitude of bussers to wait on guests shows them that every aspect of the party has been thought of – including a clean environment.

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