Agency Life: Teamwork at Its Finest

The last internship I had I worked more on the client side of the business. This Spring I wanted to work at an agency so I could experience the agency environment. As a Project Manager intern at Brownstein Group, I experienced just that! If an advertising agency was a car, I feel like Project Management would be the oil. PM keeps the agency running smoothly. No client really signs on an account because their Project Management team is wonderful, however Project Management is definitely needed to make an account wonderful. Through Project Management I was able to see all the different sides of an agency work together to create a project. The Project Manager brings together the creative intern and the creative director, the account management team and the digital team. It was really exciting to see all the different departments of an agency bring their work together on an account. Everyone in an agency works on their own piece of the account, PM brings these departments together to make sure everyone is on the same page. And when the final pieces are put together and everything is in place, everyone from every department can celebrate together. I really enjoy agency life and recommend advertising students to experience it!

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