All Pretty Things Must Come to an End…


In the beginning of January I had the opportunity to start an advertising/social media internship with a small jewelry company named Wild Lilies Jewelry (WLJ). This was not an agency nor a large company for that matter, but the learning experience was greater than anything for which I could have asked.

Since WLJ is such a small company I had the opportunity to work side-by-side with the CEO of the company, Stephanie Greenbaum, on a daily basis. This alone was a valuable experience because as a Temple University graduate, Stephanie was not only able to share with me tools and techniques to promote the brand, but also share her advice on life, education, and doing what you love.

Prior to the start date of my internship, I was unsure of the tasks I would perform and if they would, in fact, require me to utilize any skills/ information I’ve learned thus far in my courses at Temple. As the first few weeks came and went, I began to realize this internship was more than merely posting a few Instagram pictures and creating Polyvore boards, it was about connecting the Wild Lilies brand to their customers, something we discuss frequently in our courses. The captions for Instagram and Facebook photos had to capture the brand voice, but also speak to a plethora of different types of consumers, the events had to be promoted in a way that drew in a crowd, and the company website needed to grab the attention of web users and get them to engage with WLJ.

Overall, the experience I had assisting with the social media pages, store event planning, and content creation this semester was unbelievable. I’ve learned valuable lessons and gained experience that gave me a better understanding of the importance of the brand-consumer relationship, and how advertising/ marketing efforts can strengthen that relationship (Bonus: I got to work around/with really pretty things!!!).

Wild Lilies Jewelry is such a special company, and I am thrilled to have had the experience to intern with and learn from the owner, Stephanie, this semester all while having a great time doing it (like styling Instagram photo-shoots like the summer-themed one shown below!).


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  1. This sounds like such a cool internship opportunity! So often us advertising majors think that the only ways we can apply our knowledge is by working in an agency. It’s clear from your experience that that’s not the case! Many companies can use our expertise to help hone their brand and keep it consistent. Super jealous of this opportunity you had!

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