Allied Integrated Marketing

My name is Lauren Bayer. I am a senior in the account management track at Temple University. I currently hold an internship at Allied Integrated Marketing in center city. Allied is a full-service advertising agency and public relations firm with capabilities including placement of print and broadcast advertising, marketing, publicity and promotional campaigns. Since my supervisor is the primary representative for the ScreenGems account, I mainly work on ScreenGems movies which makes me ScreenGem’s intern. Throughout January I work was concentrated on planning events for the movie “The Vow” in the Philadelphia area. I determined which businesses have the same target audience as the movie and offer them screening passes to give to their customers. I also designed and constructed gift baskets for press drops. I delivered these baskets to a number of radio stations in the Philadelphia area to get word of mouth about “The Vow” on air. I really enjoy my internship because of all the different people I get to meet and talk to in the process of working. My days in the office really fly by. I am lucky to get such hands on experience in this industry.

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