Allied: Integration In and Out of the Agency

Hello, my name is Nicolas Gilbreath and I am a Junior Account Management Advertising student at Temple University.  This semester, I have spent my time at Allied Integrated Marketing as their marketing coordinator intern.  Allied is a full-service marketing agency that delivers targeted programs across multiple media outlets for the entertainment industry throughout the United States.  During my internship, I am working with the Marketing Coordinator and Vice President at Allied’s Philadelphia office. Together, we focus on Allied’s New Business division.

Allied  Global Awarness Local Activation

The employees at Allied have diverse backgrounds that range from publicity and promotions to marketing and advertising.  Since my internship has mainly focused on marketing Allied’s clients, I had the opportunity to see all of the components it takes to carry out a campaign from research to the creation and execution of the projects.  My main job at Allied was to conduct research on new clients and focus on quality service.   On some occasions, I pitched in and helped develop events/promotions for its consumer brands.  I enjoy this particular area within the marketing field and want to be more involved in creating concept ideas, developing the interworkings, and carrying out the event.  I would also like to be more involved in the development and execution of their film promotions.

Allied has many positive qualities about its agency: continuous research on current advertising trends, executing attention-grabbing events, and introducing new and large-scale marketing campaigns both their clients and the public enjoys.  However, the most important aspect I have observed is that everyone is in constant communication with one another.  Email and conference calls are essential components to Allied’s day-to-day operations.  When I sat in a few of the conference calls, I was involved in pitching ideas with Allied employees throughout the country, and to help focus some of the ideas to make sure they fit the target audience for the campaigns.  We all assisted in developing campaign ideas that are now being executed.  This was an effective and efficient process to get everyone focused on the project at hand.

Throughout my internship, I have gained respect for my supervisors, the Marketing Coordinator and Vice President.  Both women are dedicated to Allied’s mission of providing its clients with fully integrated campaigns focused on delivering maximum exposure.  They have encouraged their team (both the interns and publicists) to participate in an open and honest dialogue to assist in the creation and execution of campaigns.  These ideas are then focused to fit the client’s needs and promote the products.  I have the privilege to work for two enthusiastic and devoted individuals in the advertising and publicity/promotions industries.  Both of these ladies have inspired me to continue my career in this competitive field.

My internship at Allied Integrated Marketing has assisted me academically and professionally from classwork to hands-on experience.  I have been able to apply my collegiate knowledge that I have acquired from my advertising classes while working in this position.  The hands-on training such as a being present at conference calls, involved with the research, development, execution, and the recap of various campaigns have allowed me to gain real career ready training.  This internship has strengthened my confidence level about my future goal of becoming an advertiser thanks to my internship at Allied.

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