It’s been eight months since I started my internship at Stream Companies. If you said I would get up at 8:00, make coffee, wave good morning to my parents, and then go to my office (bedroom), I would’ve thought you were crazy. But I didn’t mind, even in these strange circumstances. There was a learning curve though. I was happy to get an internship in something I was interested in, even though I had no knowledge of the subject. SEO is only three letters, not too daunting of a title. But the training was a little intimidating. There’s so much you can do in Google Ads/Analytics I could study it for years. Luckily I only had to learn the basics. The most intimidating part was the certifications. I was told “no pressure, but you can’t really do anything until you pass these tests.” A very relaxing statement. But I did pass! And all was well. I felt like I passed the first hurdle of my internship. But that didn’t mean everything was smooth sailing.

There’s only so much a certification test can teach you. Stream has their own business format, specific clients, and specific workflow. In the beginning I fumbled, a lot. I would use the wrong keywords, input the wrong budgets, and write full reports only to have them returned with revision requests. It certainly wasn’t a good feeling. I was really trying and didn’t want to look like I was a rookie at this kind of stuff. But that’s exactly what I was. I think one of the biggest takeaways from this internship was the importance of humility and asking for help. There’s always going to be something new to learn in every job and everyone starts at the bottom. I of course got the hang of the workflow after a brief period of trial and error, but if I could go back I wouldn’t have worried as much. 

I’m part of a great team, although we haven’t formally met. There’s Geno, Izzy, Ashley, Katie, Bill, and me of course. And they’re all happy to help, and not afraid to ask for it either.