An Experience with Event Marketing

My name is Audrey Jakubik and I am a senior at Temple University. I am currently working at Boston Event Guide as a summer intern. My internship is fully remote with daily meetings. Boston Event Guide is an event planning group and I am working to market their events. So far, I have learned a lot more about the different aspects of social media marketing such as how to develop strong strategies and how to create content based on our weekly goals. The image posted is an example of a digital ad I created to market our event. I work with Canva daily to create images for promotions. I also worked with influencers from the beginning of the process until the end, reaching out to them, answering questions they had about events and giving them information, and then sending them their tickets. After the events I gather content from them to use for our business. I also help assist with new event research. I knew I wanted to work in digital marketing but having some experience with this internship, I would like to pursue a role specifically as a social media coordinator after school. I enjoy the work I am doing and would ideally like to expand on this after graduating. From this experience, I am gaining confidence in my communication skills as I have daily meetings where we share our thoughts and ideas on what is working or what we need to change. I can now go into interviews feeling more confident because I have had hands-on experience in my field.


  1. Hi Audrey!
    I loved reading about your internship, especially because my roommate and best friend is very involved in the event marketing world. I really enjoy the advertisement that you created and posted as your feature image, it is extremely eye catching as well as informative. I too am using Canva a lot at my internship. It’s super cool that you’re working directly with influencers as well! I’m really glad your internship is going well so far, wishing you the best of luck for the rest of the summer!

  2. Hi Audrey, this internship sounded amazing! It’s impressive you were given different responsibilities such as client communication with influencers, graphic design through Canva, and event research for future projects. While a completely different field in my internship I have had similar responsibilities and have had hands on learning with advertising tools like Canva and content creation platforms like HubSpot. It’s clear you loved the internship and your experience, I was wondering if it was the hospitality industry or the general digital marketing that you want to continue to pursue? Perhaps both? Lastly, I loved your mention of influencer marketing/advertising and was wondering if you could expand on the types of influencers you worked with during your internship. Were they mainly on Instagram, required a certain follower count? Loved this blog!

    • Hi Lily! I would like to go into the general digital marketing field, working with social media. I am working with many different influencers in the Boston area with all different follower counts. Thank you for your feedback, wishing you the best with your internship!

  3. Hi Audrey! I enjoyed reading about your internship especially because I am also interested in social media marketing/advertising. My internship is mainly social media based and I enjoy it a lot as well. I also love the ad you made in this blog post! Canva is such an amazing tool and I love that creativity heavily impacts social media campaigns and marketing, hence why I’m so drawn to it. It’s great that you are learning a lot and feel confident for your future professional career. Good luck with everything!

  4. Hi Audrey! Your internship seems so interesting, I enjoyed reading about it! I’m currently interning with digital marketing and it’s such a nice out to express your creativity. I feel like its such a great field to be in especially with the rise of social media! I love using canva too, it’s so easy to work with, but best of luck to you!!

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