An Intern’s Experience: Small Business Edition

I am Erin Slater, a senior advertising major concentrating in brand strategy & research and media planning.

I’m Erin Slater, a senior Advertising Major concentrating in Brand Strategy & Research and Media Planning. During my last semester here at Temple, I’ve been interning with a small jewelry and accessories boutique called Lisi Lerch. I fill the social media role in which I primarily work on Instagram and Facebook. I also work on miscellaneous projects here and there as needed. My main duties consist of community engagement, influencer relations and behind the scenes, more technical, tasks.

My time working for a small business has been amazing from the very beginning. As many of us have experienced, or will in the future, the internship hiring process can be quite stressful. We often are given suggestions for large, big name companies with competitive applicant pools. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with applying and potentially working for these companies, I recommend to keep an eye out for the hidden gems as well. My hiring process at Lisi Lerch made me feel seen as a student and a person.

Interning within a smaller group of employees has made me feel extremely connected to and supported by the company. I’ve gotten the opportunity not only to learn the ins and outs of social media marketing, but also catch a glimpse into how other departments function. The work I complete and its effects on the company can be clearly seen, making it truly feel like I’m having an impact, even as an intern.

My biggest take away and piece of advice for others is not to be afraid of applying to smaller companies. Small businesses have so much to offer and room for you to grow as an individual. My time at Lisi Lerch has been such an amazing learning experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better company to gain real world experience.

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