An Internship that is the Cat’s Meow…

Hello! My name is Brittany Blackman, and I am going into my senior year at Temple University. In my search for the perfect internship, I imagined myself in the city at a popular agency. However, my journey took me in a different direction. By a lucky chance, I landed at internship at a company called PetNovations, located in Norristown, PA. I am now obsessed with my job.

PetNovations Inc is the parent company to the brand CatGenie. The CatGenie is the world’s first and only self-cleaning litter box, equipped with reusable granules. PetNovations is responsible for sales and marketing, and customer service for the CatGenie in North America. Along with the CatGenie unit, we sell accessories and supplies for the unit, and the newest product, the BlanCat.

I took on the role of Marketing Intern at PetNovations in the beginning of May. I have learned an immense amount of valuable skills from the position after a month of being there. Since my boss, Avery was the only person in the office who was in charge of marketing duties, I was immediately thrown into the fire. By that I mean I work side by side with her doing extremely important and crucial work. It makes me nervous, but I really like it. The days go by in the blink of an eye because I am always so busy with a million different projects. I’m honestly amazed I’ve managed to stay so organized.

We have a ton of big things coming up, so I joined the team at the perfect time. Most importantly, we have CatCon coming up. CatGenie one of the major sponsors for the event. CatCon is a convention for cat lovers in Los Angeles, California, that I just happened to have been asked to attend by my boss last week. Last year, around 50,000 people attended the event…the event in which I’ll be making my own CatGenie advertisements for…no pressure, right? Some of my duties in the past few weeks have been to create a SnapChat filter for the event, design the picture advertisements that will be all over the walls at CatCon, making graphics to announce our participation at the event, designing games and securing prizes for the event, and that’s not even the half of it.

On top of my CatCon duties, I have been growing CatGenie’s social accounts, writing for their online blog, called Front Page Meews, crafting newsletters, making (at this point close to 35) graphics for our website and newsletters, scouting out new authors for our blog, and daily tasks in the office like making sure my boss, and the president of PetNovations are aware of any deadlines coming up.

I am so grateful to be able to not only work with animals on a daily basis, (we have an awesome office cat named Carlos, and an office french bulldog named Lou) but I am doing meaningful, important work in their marketing department. At the end of the day, I want nothing more than to help this company grow and thrive more than it already is. My coworkers treat me amazingly. On my birthday, which was just two weeks after I started there, they got my presents, cupcakes, and sang happy birthday to me. PetNovations is an incredible place to work, and I actually love getting up at 7am every morning to go there and do my thing.

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