An Intro to the Music Industry

Hi everyone,

This past semester I’ve been lucky enough to work as an intern at Cinematic Music Group, in Brooklyn NY. I had an extremely positive experience at the label. I’ve been passionate about the music industry for as long as I can remember. I had an early introduction to the industry a few years back when I starting working as a tour photographer for a friend of mine. Since this experience, I’ve been dying to learn more about the industry (specifically from a label standpoint). During my time at cinematic I learned how each department within the label plays a crucial role in the overall success of the company. I’m leaving the internship with a understanding of the Digital Marketing department as well as the creative department. Each employee I came in contact with was eager and willing to help me succeed. One employee in particular inspired me to pursue my creative passions. I always had my doubts being a female creative in a majority male industry – but the lead designer at Cinematic encouraged me to keep working and to pursue creative work. Her help and determination made me feel welcomed daily in the office, and gave me confidence in my work. Overall I had a great experience at Cinematic Music Group.

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