On March 2-4, Anaak Collection was featured in a sample sale at Meadowsweet Mercantile, a natural textiles boutique in Old City, Philadelphia.  As an intern, I spent the day photographing the sale, steaming garments, and helping my mentor Marissa Maximo cater to shoppers.

This was my first time getting up close and personal with the Anaak client, and it really gave me a feel for who the brand’s audience is.

In preparation for the sale, Marissa and I spent 6 hours organizing and steaming garments on the rack. Maximo is very precise about every detail of how her garments are presented, right down to the color of the safety pin that holds the branded tag to the garment. Everything about her collection must speak to the beachy bohemé lifestyle of the Anaak woman.

We filled two racks all according to color; one rack overflowed with a variety of whites and cremes, while the other exploded with bright spring hues. All of the fabrics are light and soft to touch. Marissa treats every sale as if it is fashion week. As I slid all of the garments into each garment bag to be transported to the location, she urged me to keep all of the garments in color order so that the only step left is to unzip and reveal them to the pubic.



I had a great time photographing and capturing the sunny positive energy of the event. Steady traffic flowed in and out of the dressing rooms as potential buyers sifted through piles of silk and cotton garments. I was honored that Marissa featured the image above on Anaak‘s Instagram page, and felt like it really summed up the positive energy of the event.