And we’re rolling.

Today was a good day.

Today, I was inspired. One of our clients is in the workings with Brownstein to execute a TV spot for a new product. This may make me sound like a six year old, but…I can’t believe that I get to witness the makings of a commercial! Sure, we’ve written broadcast storyboards in class. And yes, I’ve got to contribute and witness many print ads go to execution in my past internships. I’ve never, however, seen the progress of a real TV ad from a real client and a real agency. Can you tell that I’m excited?

Right now, the task is to find the right leading role. A casting company has the responsibility to run a casting call and find the type of fit that both the client and the agency have agreed upon. After the casting call, the casting company will send minute long recordings of each audition.

What I got to do, was watch each audition and chose which actors I thought stood out and best fit the part. Out of 20 or so, I found about 5-7 actors that exemplified the leading role quite well. Once the agency, the client and the production company have narrowed down a handful of potentials, the next step is a call-back audition. From there, the combined forces will then choose one.

Just like any campaign or ad, this was only one of the many tasks that must be handled when in the process. Being a part of it, however, was a very fun, learning experience

Seeing something like a TV ad come to life reminded me of why I decided to study advertising at Temple. The concept of taking a product, developing a creative idea, building a set, finding some actors and filming is incredibly exciting to me. Not only did this task make me nostalgic of my teenage dreams to make world-famous ads, but it inspired me to make it a goal take the film and production route at some point in my career.

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