Are you a Public Health major?

The majority of interns employed by the Office of Health Communications and Health Disparities (OHCHD) at Fox Chase Cancer Center are Public Health majors. I am pretty sure most of the people in the office are under the impression that I’m a Public Health major who happens to work in Adobe Suite a lot. This is okay with me because it has allowed me to learn about a new field I would have never been exposed to. The OHCHD has taught me extensively about each department and their role in the organization. The meetings on health literacy and clinical trials were particularly interesting. The meetings explored the culture of clinical trials and cancer screening, and how this impacts the general well-being of the community. The health literacy meeting discussed the reading level at which all materials must be written and our target market’s relationship with those in the health field. This has been important to keep in mind while re-writing the website. Another benefit of working in a non-advertising office is being able to attend a Mobile Screening Unit visit. The Director of  the Screening Unit, Linda Hammell, took us to Representative John Sabatina’s office where the van was being utilized by local women to receive mammograms. It was a great experience to see the van in action and see all of the hard work that goes in to running the program. It was also nice to network and meet his staff. We will be designing a pamphlet for the Mobile Screening Unit, so having a solid understanding of how it works will be helpful. Mobile Screening Unit

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