Armory East Skateboard Shop

Interning at the Armory East Skateboard Shop has been a great experience this semester. There is so much valuable information and skills I have learned here. One of the best parts about interning here was being able to work side-by-side with the owner Darien (Brax) Schell. This man really knows how to run a business and please his customers. He also has a great eye for design and knows how to make things that people want to buy. Throughout the semester I have learned an array of things ranging from the screen-printing process, dealing with company representatives supplying products, building a strong customer base, and acquiring new products and merchandise to carry in the store. My favorite part of the internship was learning the screen printing process which resulted in creating some of our very own Armory East branded clothing. This was something that was completely new to me, and it was exciting seeing it from start to finish. I highly suggest if you have the time, come down to the shop, located on 10th and Spring Garden, and check out the tees we have made.

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