Art at its Finest.

Maybe next time.

So I finally tried learning photoshop.  My first creation got used for the December flyer at Weston Fitness, the gym in center city that I intern for.  This will go down as the first thing Kevin Beal ever put out for the public eye.  I feel like this should be put in a museum or something to note the start of a new legacy.  But it really is kind of a simple visual, but I’m happy that my vision could actually be put into action.  Originally he had a six pack too.  But lets be honest, snowmen can’t have six packs, that’s just ridiculous.  Hopefully I can further my photoshop skills by playing around with it more.  And for the record, this is the first time I have used photoshop since high school.  But honestly, do you remember anything from high school?  Didn’t think so.

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