Art + Food Event

My name is Rachel Gomberg and I am an upcoming Senior in the Advertising program with a focus in Art Direction. This Summer I’ve had the pleasure of interning with Art Sphere Inc., a non-profit organization located in Philly which provides art classes to low-income youth in the city. In addition to art classes they do fundraiser events, mural events, and neighborhood clean-ups. I was hired specifically as their graphic design intern right in the middle of the coordination of their latest fundraiser event titled “Art & Food”. This event has many big-name sponsors in Philly, mainly the Art Institute of Philadelphia. For this event, there will be numerous well-known Philadelphia chefs that will cook food for the event and consequently the attendees will vote for most artistic and most flavorful plates. This event is supposed to raise a lot of money for the organization from the ticket purchases. So far, I’ve been designing print materials for the event. For example, the awards for the chefs, posters about the chefs, event brochures, and welcome signs. In addition to these designs, I’ve been helping out with spreading awareness about the event with posts on facebook and hanging up flyers in the city. I must say, I’m really glad I got to have this experience interning at a non-profit for a cause I strongly believe in. As a person who has taken many art classes and has a deep appreciation for the arts, I strongly believe in the purpose it serves for our community and I am happy to help bring art activities to our youth. I always was worried about where I would land an internship and even a job after college with Advertising, as I didn’t want to advertise for companies/products I didn’t believe in. It was really lucky that I ended up landing this internship at Art Sphere, Inc. and anytime I’m feeling lazy or not in the mood for work (it happens to the best of us), the cause of helping bring art into the lives of kids whom don’t have the means, is what motivates me every single time. My experience so far has been exhilarating and I can’t wait to attend the Art + Food event that will be at Vie restaurant on July 23rd!


  1. Your internship sounds so fun! And what a different experience!

    I think that the cause is great and I know that you have to feel good about working for a non-profit, especially because it involves helping children. Plus, i feel like all kids love art, (I know that I did), so this program must be making them happy. When you finally get to attend the event and see how everyone’s hard work has paid off you will feel amazing… and a little relieved.

    If you are looking for more volunteers from Temple, I know in the past I have reached out to the sororities or fraternities on campus because they need a minimum number of volunteer/community service hours each semester.

  2. Thank you Kasey! It’s rewarding indeed 🙂 We are always looking for volunteers if you know anyone you can just tell them to shoot me an e-mail and I can get them in-touch with the owner of the organization (who is also temple alum btw). I don’t know if my e-mail has showed up on here but it’s Hope your internship is treating your well 🙂

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