Art Is At The Center Of Us All

A part of making art is becoming it.

My name is Emme Daliwan and I am studying Advertising with a double concentration in Art Direction and Copywriting. I am also minoring in Art as well as working towards certificates in Film and Media Arts. 

Art has always found its way to being the center of my life, it always made sense to me. From being a little girl singing at the top of her lungs to taking videos at high school events to now designing posters and graphics. Over the years I realized it’s something that I was good at. As much as art has been a constant in my life, it has scared me to fully pursue it. Figuring out what I wanted to do as a career or in general has always been in the back of my mind and it terrified me.

When my friend told me he was interning with a magazine, I was fascinated to hear about all the articles he was working on and the people they were interviewing. And luckily through this connection, I was able to work with them too. Since January 2021, I have been an Editor Intern and now a Contributing Editor for ODDA Magazine. ODDA Magazine is a biannual contemporary fashion and culture magazine. They publish both print and digital articles that create a space for self-expression through fashion as well as many art forms. Many interviews were done with the magazine to open up vulnerable conversations with artists, designers, celebrities, musicians, actors/actresses, and everyone in between. 

My primary tasks include proofreading and writing articles to be published in both print and digital formats. I also transcribe videos and audio interviews into text. Since ODDA has been operating remotely because of the pandemic, my supervisors are currently based in places such as Milan and Madrid, and fellow editors and writers all around the US. Because of this many emails are sent in the early hours of the morning and keeping track of deadlines is crucial. I have seen the ins and outs of an independent publication that operates internationally. I was welcomed into a space that was caring and encouraging, that recognizes talent and hard work.

While proofreading and editing articles, I have found that art is the center of so many people’s lives whether they are fashion designers or painters or musicians. I realized that it is as easy as breathing for them as it was for me. I’ve read countless stories about the hardships and challenges one goes through when making their art. But also the successes and dreams they’ve accomplished and continue to fulfill. A lot of these interviews I have worked on are about their growth and just figuring out who they are. I’ve learned that big-name designers and actors aren’t that different from twenty-year-old college student me trying to figure it all out. A part of making art is becoming it. It’s going through countless drafts and edits, getting feedback, and maybe just starting all over again. It may be cliche but I think its really true. And I wouldn’t have known that without this experience.

I’ve always loved writing, but it’s something that I’ve kept close to my heart. It was one of my most personal and vulnerable art forms. I have numerous journals filled with brain dumps, memories, thoughts, poems, etc but I never imagined myself to be interning at a magazine, being a part of other people’s story.

A few weeks ago, I received my first copy of the magazine I have worked so hard on. From countless emails and Google Docs to finally holding the work in my hands, it was a feeling that I never really expected or felt before. At times throughout this internship, I did feel disconnected from the work because it’s all online and I think that’s something we’ve all experienced and felt these past few years. But something as small as seeing my name printed in a magazine, it reassured me that this is something that I do want to pursue. 

Even if you aren’t a household name actor/actress or a big label designer or a chart-topping musician, I realized that art is at the center of all of our lives. We see it every day, in advertisements, in stories, on the walls, everywhere. From your favorite Netflix show you binge to the song you play on repeat to the book you read on your commute. Art is at the center of us and fills the spaces in between. It will present itself to you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined before but I think that’s what makes it even more special. 

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