Aspiring Art Director? AIGA Memberships Only $50! (through september 30th, so get them now!)

AIGA is the largest professional association of design in the world. They are currently haveing a sale on their student memberships through September 30, 2011! The membership will only cost you $50 (instead of $95) and by joining AIGA you will receive substantial benefits and gain access to invaluable resources and opportunities.

As a member, you will receive discounts on many designer essentials like Adobe and

Shutterstock products, and you will receive discounts on Apple Products and accessories as well as complimentary shipping and engraving. You will also get discounts on books and magazines like CMYK, Communication Arts, and Business Creative magazines. is a great resource for designers, and as a member, you will receive training software discounts from, too! AIGA member receive access to and discounts on their seminars, webinars, lectures, and networking events. You’ll also have Access to job listings, be listed in the AIGA Designer Directory (the place employers turn to first for qualified candidates) and  the AIGA Member Gallery where you can showcase your work, browse the gallery for inspiration, be found by employers, and connect with other creatives of all ages.

To learn more about AIGA, you can click here to view a video.

You can also click here to go to their website and learn more about the benefits of joining AIGA.

To learn more about how to get your AIGA student membership click here.





  1. Brianna, Thanks for posting about AIGA and the student membership drive! I’m a professor with the advertising department here at Temple and a board member of AIGA Philadelphia.

    I invite you and the rest of our community to check out what we have going on at the local chapter at site Studio tours for students are in the works and will be appearing on the site sometime soon.

    Come introduce yourself in 303AH. I would love to meet you.

  2. Kathy, Do let Brie and myself know about other upcoming events for students! Brie is anxious to join AIGA and experience all the organization has to offer.

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