Assembling Your Toolbox

In my humble understanding, we students are gathered here, attending college so we can earn our degree. A degree in your hand is said to open many doors, and I have no doubt it will. But in my three years at Temple I came to realize that, more than achieving a degree, I’m putting together a toolbox. The tools I have in my toolbox are the primary instrument for my work, which is what will differentiate me in the job market.

As an Art Direction student, last semester I decided to put The Art of Infographics in my toolbox, it ended being the tool that landed me my first internship, the internship I coveted at Benjamin Obdyke.

Benjamin Obdyke is an innovative and small company that produces building solutions for contractors and remodelers. As their graphic design intern I get to design labels and newsletters, but also with the help of Infographics I get to make all of this construction talk more appealing and more digestible to many end users.

Cladding & Gaps Info

As this internship progresses I feel that I’m big part of the company’s pull-through strategy and I’m having a great time designing infographics.

Don’t fret to browse through electives and try something you didn’t plan on doing, it surprisingly could be the tool you needed and wanted to have in your toolbox of skills.

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