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Hello! My name is Kija Chronister and I’m currently a Marketing Intern at Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Company at their Philadelphia, PA office.

Hello! My name is Kija Chronister and I’m currently a Marketing Intern at Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Company at the Philadelphia, PA office. Although I’ve only been with the company for four months now I have learned so much, been pushed out of my comfort zone, and have been exposed to numerous opportunities that have helped me grow as an advertising student.  

Sports and Me Usually Don’t Mix Well

As a nostalgia company, Mitchell & Ness creates authentic sports apparel for the NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS. Working within the sports industry was never an idea that crossed my mind because I was so focused on working within the entertainment or music industry. This internship has exposed me to a whole new industry and is now something I am very interested in pursuing. There are so many opportunities in which I’m interested such as, social media and account management, that I am able to execute within the sports industry and here at Mitchell & Ness.

Small Team Behind the Big Business

Although Mitchell & Ness is a multi-million dollar international company, it is not run like a corporate company at all. Here in the Philadelphia office the marketing team is made up of five people, including me, and three others in the other office out in Irvine, CA. Even though we are small in numbers, we work closely together and are able to accomplish so much in order to continue to grow our brand. I have learned that there are so many different “hats” the marketing team has to wear and I have had the opportunity to get wear some of them, which has taught me the importance of being versatile and adaptable.

Lights, Camera, Kija

I find hands-on learning to be the most effective and rewarding for my personal growth, which is something I’ve experience a lot with Mitchell & Ness. Photo shoots are part of our weekly routine because we have so many assets being created. I usually help the Creative Director during shoots by dressing models and keeping track of what items are being shot. However, I was put in charge of one shoot.  It was my job to choose what the models wore, what specific parts needed to be shot by the photographer, where we shot, and how the models needed to pose. This was an amazing opportunity for me because I was able to apply what I’ve already learned and I still continue to learn so much more.

Going into this internship, I wasn’t sure what to exactly expect because I had little knowledge about the sports industry, but over these past four months I have learned so much, found a new interest, and have grown so much as a young professional.

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