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Although, I’ve been working at the Longswamp Tavern as a bartender for over a year, this past semester I also became an intern there. We are located in Macungie, which is about an hour outside of Philadelphia, located near Bear Creek Ski Resort. Being as we are located in a very wooded and hilly area, our advertising and marketing differ from that of bars that are in the city. There aren’t billboards to advertise on and being that this is a small family owned bar, the budget for television isn’t there. In turn, we rely much on word of mouth advertising and catering to our customers’ needs. How does this relate to advertising? Listening to the client is a very important part of any campaign. That’s where my work experience at the Swamp comes in. We are constantly receiving feedback from our customers on what they like, don’t like, and any ideas they may have. For example, we have a special wing sauce every week and we are always taking suggestions from our customers on what it should be each week. Interacting with customers and taking their feedback into consideration is an important part of any business, especially small businesses like this one. When customers see their feedback turned around and catered to their needs, they are more likely to suggest our bar to their friends. In a town that is made up of mostly locals, it is important keep their needs in minds, as they are our only customer base. Keeping them happy keeps business booming. Learning to really listen to people will definitely help me out when I am given writing assignments in my future career as a copywriter. Keeping the client satisfied that the message they want passed on is being taken into careful consideration and then clearly displayed as they want it will make for a great campaign.


  1. This sounds like a very cool internship with room for you to grow. You seem to have a feel for the bar being that you’ve had many years of experience there. My father owns his own tavern back home, so I know all too well the importance of customer relationship management. Continue the great work!

  2. This internship must have been a lot of fun. I waitress and bartend as well in a local place on the mainline its fun, but you are right about really having to consider what your customers are saying not only so that they have a good time, but also because that really is your only form of advertising, through them. I definitely see this helping you in your future as a copywriter because it will give you a better connection and understanding of the public that some people don’t get the pleasure of having!

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