Be a good worker!

Hi! I am Hyeri interning in TAF JK Group which is a web design and branding company. I am an advertising intern, so I am working projects related to advertising and marketing. Because the company is small, workers are like family and the atmosphere is flexible and free. While I am working free work place, I realized that several tips to be a good worker.


FIRST: Don’t let your attention loose!

In the free atmosphere, it is easy that our attention would be slackening about the schedule. People usually do not want to work on Monday. I also felt that I do not want to go to work on Monday. I wanted to say that I would relax at home for a day and I thought that my boss might allow it because he is kind and flexible. However, I realized that I would do again if I allow myself to do it. Also, my boss usually does not push to finish on a due date and just allow me to finish when I can be done. So, I relaxed and worked slowly at first. But, I realized that’s my loss because I could not show my ability and could not participate in more projects for more experience. Even though the culture is free and your boss says that it’s okay, you should keep your mind not to be shaken if you want to be a good worker! Your boss might not care about your laxity, however, he/she definitely like a good worker!


SECOND: Have frequent communication!

While working, communication is very important. You should keep checking your boss’s opinion about your task. Without communication, if you finish your task, it might be different from the boss’s thoughts or expectation. Also, if you don’t know, you should ask them. Asking several times is better than making mistakes. More you talk with your boss, more you can learn from him/her and work what he/she really wants me to do. Moreover, it is important to say my opinion. At first, I thought that my idea is not necessary and useful because I am a just intern. However, my boss and other workers liked my ideas and used them for projects. So, don’t hesitate to say your idea. Yours is very worth!


THIRD: Think like the owner!

Internship is working as a temporary worker during certain period. Interns might think that they will leave after three months or certain period. So they work with empty heart about the company and just do given tasks. Then, they cannot work well because they do not look at the big picture of the tasks. We should think, like the boss, why survey is needed, what I need to do to improve marketing plans, and what I else I can do! If your project is successful, your boss and workers remember you as a hard worker. You don’t know how it connects you to other opportunities.

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