Becoming a Better Writer Through My Copywriting Internship

Hello! I’m a copywriting intern, and I work remotely with iDayDream Studios. It is a creative media agency that helps produce video, photo, and audio content for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The company’s mission is to provide opportunities for small businesses to profit from their passion. They also care very much about the mental health of others and care deeply about suicide prevention.

Throughout my experience, I’ve learned many strategies to make the writing I produce more impactful and concise. I first started with training on what copywriting is, the process of it, and practicing writing. Other copywriting interns, myself included, wrote practice blogs that my supervisor would look over and see how well-written they were. She would provide feedback for us to implement into the blog we wrote and more blogs later. We also practiced writing social media captions for the iDayDream social media channels. The channel I wrote for was Instagram, and the captions I wrote would later be published on the company’s account. The many practice blogs and social media captions I’ve written for the company have improved my writing techniques and also teach how to edit words and sentences for easy understanding.

Working as a copywriting intern has given me many positive aspects that I want to continue in my career. Since this internship is fully remote, I don’t have to worry about a commute anywhere as I can work within my own house. The flexibility of working remotely is very impactful, and this company ensures flexibility is a priority. No one is checking on you to make sure you’re completing your work as if you work at an office and your boss comes around checking on you every hour. Working independently for me has fostered many great ideas for captions and blog ideas to write while working.

While interning at iDayDream Studios, I have the pleasure of working alongside Catherine Lopez, who helps the copywriting interns at the company. She helps set up blog posts for us to write, gives us good ideas to focus on, and helps provide feedback and suggestions about our work. Working with her has helped me become a more concise writer and know how to target the audience’s attention. We meet daily to discuss tasks I’m working on and present new tasks for me to start. Every few days, we meet to evaluate my writing process and understand how I outline blogs and captions. This evaluation is so I can refine my writing and improve my skills. Catherine has been a great mentor and a pleasant supervisor to learn from during my internship.

Overall, my experience working at iDayDream Studios has been great. I’ve been learning a lot about copywriting while understanding what agency life is like. While my experience is different since I work remotely, interacting with coworkers, interns, and the CEO of iDayDream Studios has made it feel like I’m in an agency-like office every day with people to learn and gain experience from. My advice for students looking for internships is to understand that an internship isn’t a long time of employment. If you’re not satisfied with what you’re doing or how the management is at your workplace, don’t worry about how you might be stuck working there. Internships last a few months, and since you’re just starting your career, it’s fine to switch around or go into another industry altogether. Students in college have plenty of time to figure out their lives and what they want to do with them. Learn as much as you can wherever you go and make as many connections as well. The more connections you have, the more opportunities for your career!

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  1. Overall, I think your blog post did a great job highlighting the benefits of a remote internship in a creative agency, like the flexibility of working from home, the chance to work independently, and the importance of having a supportive supervisor. Its very cool to see someone pursuing copywriting as I find it to be a very interesting career path. I have heard great things about the industry and wish you the best!

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