When you walk into the first day of your internship, you expect to find yourself doing paperwork and running to get coffee for your boss for the entire semester. At least, this is the weird notion that you get in your head because this is what all upperclassmen tell you when it comes to internships. As an upperclassman, I’m here to tell any and all students that are looking for internships: you don’t have to be stuck doing that! You just have to find the right place. And my “right place” is where I feel most at home and like my ideas are actually valuable: within a business that turns to me because they think I am a great asset to the team.

At Little Giant Creative, I am not treated like an intern, I am treated like an equal member of the team. I am asked to weigh in on things that the other designers do and sometimes I am even asked to help lead a project. A lot of the work I do as an Intern involves color palettes, hashing out different logo ideas, and a whole lot of branding for new companies or rebranding for old companies. Some of the clients I’ve worked with are Heineken, Cherry Street Pier, Institute of Hip-Hop Entrepreneurship (IHHE), Drexel University, Living Cities, and Arts + Crafts Holdings. Working with a team that makes you feel valuable is one of the most important assets to getting the most out of an internship because without a solid group of people to back you up but also feel comfortable asking questions makes it much harder to grow and learn.

Bonus: I have a really, really great view of City Hall since our office is located on the 15th floor!