One major thing I am learning while being at my internship is to not be afraid to share my ideas. I am a Marketing & Event Planning Intern at Duke & Winston- a men’s clothing boutique on Chestnut Street. It is a start up company that just opened a store in June. Being the only intern at the moment and also being short staffed in general, my boss tends to share a lot of his ideas with me, for all aspects of the store – whether he is stressed about sales, trying to come up with a new social media campaign or just trying to organize the display in the windows. It makes me feel like more than just an intern working on a specific project.
I enjoy being a part of not just marketing and events, but just anything going on in the store. Anything that comes to mind I suggest, even if I don’t think my boss would love the idea. Sharing ideas helps come up with totally different ones. I will say whatever comes to mind for a new social media campaign. I have to admit there are times when the idea sounded better in my head, then I said it and it made no sense. But I realized that that’s OK, because we then took those crazy ideas and turned them into very successful campaigns.
Sharing my thoughts has helped me be an overall more creative thinker. I do not limit myself. I can tell my boss appreciates all of the new ideas I share. He’s always running around and busy doing everything for the store that I’m sure he likes having new and fresh ideas. This encourages me to think about all different things, in all different ways.
Our classes always tell us how it is pretty much impossible to teach creativity. I’ve noticed that it just takes courage. Not everything you come up with is going to be an award winning idea, but that’s fine. It is fun to play around with ideas and come up with totally different ones. All I have to say is: don’t hold back. Share your ideas and thoughts because you never know where that can take you.