Something I do not think many people actually get to do at this point in time is to be the very first intern a company ever has. So far being the first intern has been such a rewarding learning experience for not just myself but the company as well. Every week I show up and get a list of things that need to be accomplished including social media posts updates, social media trend updates, branding, merchandising, ordering of products, etc. As I go through the work I am supposed to complete, I almost always improvise from the way that they want me to do it in order to bring a more modern work environment into the office. As I learn from them, they learn from me which makes it a very healthy relationship in the office. Also being the first intern, some would think that there is a stigma regarding what I would be working on. Luckily for me, everyone on in the office knows I am not the coffee guy. The CEO of the company came in on the first day to let everyone know that I would not be here for coffee runs as I am being paid to actually get the work assigned done. I believe I am setting down a template for the next Intern they choose to bring aboard the company. It’s awesome to know that I am leaving not only a legacy, but a way of doing everything for the next intern that comes aboard. They’ll be able to do pretty well.


It’s also been such a pleasure to work with everyone in this company. Being such a fun loving company, the office is never a dull place, and everyone is so open to teaching anything and everything. This has been one of the best experiences professionally that I have ever had.