Hey everyone! I’m Audrey and I am currently a Sophomore Advertising Major with a concentration in Brand Strategy. I’m currently interning at a Cannabis Consulting Group, MOST. We are the only consulting, marketing and design firm on the east coast for cannabis.

As I’m currently sitting in my comfortable bed back in Langhorne, it’s a blessing that I’m still able to work from home during this very strange, new time. Just being able to still communicate and come together as a team and support one another makes me feel much more positive about this situation. Overall, the experiences that I have gained from working at my company up until now has shown me where my career is headed, with all the amazing insights that I have gained has made me work harder towards my career goal. 

I have met such inspirational people in the cannabis industry from the moment I walked into my office. Being able to be a part of such a new concept in business for Pennsylvania, with hopes of it becoming recreational sometime soon – I was facing so many challenges that made me want to work harder for this industry to succeed with amazing help from co-workers. Being able to be a part of this new experience is going to change my career path in the long run!

 My job has been so fun, being able to work with creative, funny, and down to earth people in this industry has made me appreciate my time at my company. I took on this internship thinking I would only be a part of advertising, but my co-workers allowed me to think outside the norm and have my hands on important projects.

One of the many experiences that happened was being able to write our new press release for our rebranding and they sent it out. With that experience, along with so many others – I’ll remember that I’m now apart of that industry forever because that is a piece of me that I wrote. 

Advice that I can give you? Don’t settle for the norm. Step outside of your comfort zone with new and inspiring roles! But always make sure you are taking a job you think you’ll enjoy in the long run as a potential career path.