Best experience I have had so far!

I literally can’t put into words what I have obtained from my internship. Therefore, I will just start by saying that this internship has opened new doors I never though would be possible!

My internship at MayoSeitz Media (  is coming to an end in about three weeks. So far it has been the best internship experience I have ever had. MayoSeitz Media is a media planning agency in Blue Bell. They work with clients like Sunoco, Trex, GPTMC, Hershey, Subway (and many others). As an intern I have had the privilege to work under incredible people that have truly taught me more than I expected.

MayoSeitz Media was my first option so when they offered me an internship last December I was thrilled. I started in January and now it’s all coming to an end. Mayoseitz Media has prepared me to be a much better candidate for when it’s time to apply for jobs in the near future.  Let me tell you about my internship!

My days are always different and very busy. That’s what makes it even better. I start my day by checking my e-mail and looking at the tasks that are given by my supervisor and other people in the office. I ask my supervisor a couple of questions and I start performing those tasks. These tasks vary by helping assembling media plans (my favorite part), performing research in different databases such as amigo and buddy (my second favorite part). Communicating with vendors about the different types of media that are going to be used, updating pre-logs, updating post-logs, using different databases and search engine optimization . Could sound simple and boring, but it’s actually the opposite! Actually, another reason why I love the internship is because after performing the work the people at the office say “Thank you very much” “Thank you so much” and it just makes everything so worth it. There is nothing better than learning and having somebody appreciate the work you are doing for them! MayoSeitz has 20+ employees in an office space that is very amicable. All the employees are friends with each other and have friendships that go beyond the workplace (for me that was very important)

It’s very exiting to be doing research about billboards and online campaigns at the office, and then while driving back to Temple or surfing the internet I can see the work that I have been doing at the office. Billboards from Clear Channel, Steen and Lamar are all over the state, and many of those BillBoards are used in the media plans. At MayoSeitz Media, I am able to feel like I am part of the team! Everybody has a great attitude and are exited to be at work. MayoSeitz Media has given the opportunity to attend meetings and meet with traffic vendors. Actually I had an amazing experience with a vendor and for all the help she gave me an Itunes gift card!

MayoSeitz Media assigned Mary as the supervisor. Honestly, she has been a great mentor to shadow, and a great person to learn from. Mary takes her time explaining everything just to make sure I am having a great experience every day. The people that are next to  my computer always provide help when needed. They are extremely talented and make the internship much more challenging. One of them was an intern before from Temple so she gives great insigh

I am currently doing another internship with an online website. I do not like as much, but it’s also a good learning experience. It’s easy to tell the MayoSeitz Media internship is my favorite! For the summer I plan on doing two internships. I was able to obtain such opportunities from the amount of knowledge I have obtained during the internship I am doing with MayoSeitz Media

MayoSeitz Media has amazing, talented people in their staff. It makes the whole internship process so much fun! If I decide to stay in Philadelphia upon graduation, MayoSeitz Media will be the first place I apply to. The experience with them just makes me want to graduate and be part of a great company like the one they run.

I highly recommend to do an internship there if you are doing the account management track!

Thanks MayoSeitz Media for the best internship experience ever! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work under amazing people!


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