Big Things Come In Small Packages

The difference between large agencies and small agencies.

This semester, I have had the opportunity to work as the design intern at Paragraph Inc. Paragraph is an advertising and branding company which has worked with an amazing list of clients such as Yards Brewing, High Street Kitchen, and the Pennsylvania Ballet. As I learn more about the advertising world and the many agencies that populate the game, I often only hear about the large agencies and I hardly ever hear about the smaller ones. The idea that agencies with 50+ employees are the only legitimate ones is absolutely insane. Working at a small agency has more positives than I thought it would.

Overall, it really has been an amazing opportunity and I’ve learned a lot. Temple does a really great job at preparing you for the real world and working with real clients but there are definitely some things that you can only learn from being at an agency. I consider myself to be very lucky because I am able to be a part of a seven person team which leaves me a lot of responsibility and I never really feel like I’m a “cog” in the system. If you are someone who is looking into internship opportunities, I would highly suggest looking into an agency that is smaller in size. 

I have the opportunity to sit in on almost every client meeting and I always know what’s going on with Paragraph’s clients. On top of this, everyone who I am working with is extremely talented and well versed in the advertising world, which is providing me with an amazing opportunity to learn and grow not only as a student designer, but as a professional.

Working at a smaller agency ensures that you will be a part of the team, no matter what. On top of this, you will be able to explore all aspects of a company instead of being “typecasted” into one position, which is amazing, especially as you’re learning as an intern. Overall, I am extremely grateful that I was able to get to be a part of such an amazing team and work with the clients that I am able to. I wouldn’t trade my seven person team for a large company ever.


  1. Hi Robin! Great post, I really love that you interned at a small agency and loved it! I’m leaning myself towards a smaller agency, as a tight knit group sounds ideal to work with. I’ve never heard of Paragraph Inc. but after reading about your positive experiences there and the opportunities for learning you were given, I may check them out post graduation.

  2. Robin, I loved this piece! I am in a similar position with working at a smaller agency. I currently intern at a content-marketing agency called Scribewise. We are made up of only six. I agree in saying beginning at a smaller agency is highly beneficial. Scribewise’s setting has allowed me to grow my skillsets more than I imagined and I continually feel as a valuable member of the team! Happy to hear you’ve had a similar experience.

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