Billboard Advertising

Hello all,

I am a media intern at Harmelin Media, which is located just outside of Philadelphia in Bala Cynwyd.  I do a lot of different tasks but I find myself doing a lot of work with highway billboards that are located all over the greater Philadelphia area.  Everyone knows what a billboard along I-95 looks like (if not see picture below) but what you probably don’t know is how expensive and competitive the billboard market can get.  I do a lot mapping out the locations of certain billboard with the help of Google maps, and I also work in excel organizing billboards by location, price, size, and company.  There are several big billboard companies in the Greater Philadelphia area; including Steen, CBS, and Greater Media.

When I started at Harmelin Media I thought I know a lot about billboards but I was way wrong, the billboard market is very competitive and prices are constantly changing and being negotiated.  The billboard market in Philadelphia is worth millions of dollars and since there are many different billboard companies, competition can get fierce.  Also with it being such a huge market, billboard companies are constantly looking for new places to put up billboards.  I am glad that through Harmelin Media I was able to learn and be part of this intense advertising medium, which if you ask me, is only getting bigger.

-Austin Heron

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