bizzaro world

Times at Chestnut Hill Local newspaper have been moving fast. I am very excited to be on the ground floor of a brand new project that has officials in Mount Airy buzzing. CHL will be coming out with a brand new website for Mount Airy– As of now I have the responsibility of designing the look of the new website, which will be noticeably similar to our current website but with an alternate theme; a “bizzaro” version.

Along with the design I have also been in charge of research for the new website. Creating directories of organizations and businesses that would like to link up to and gathering information from surveys has been tedious work and vastly less entertaining than my design work.

I have been working closely with CHL’s web designer to get my designs online, as well as learning some code on the side. If all goes well Mt. Airy will have their new website to visit soon. 

Although this new website has been very exciting, not everything at the LOCAL is as action-packed. Being the intern at a local newspaper means you’re going to have to do some repetitive work, mainly checking ads before the paper goes out to make sure nothing was skipped. I also have to update the new open house webpage weekly with new listings from each of the four real estate companies CHL advertises. This kind of repetition can be a drag and sometime get in the way of more important projects, but somebody has to do it.



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