Brain Dump of Life Experiences: Period of Reflection

If there’s one thing that stood out to me during my entire college experience, it is how exciting, yet daunting the underlying fear is of the job market.

If there’s one thing that stood out to me during my entire college experience, it is how exciting, yet daunting the underlying fear is of the job market. My name is Nicole Feist and I’m a senior with an Advertising major and concentration in Brand Strategy and Research.  Figuring out life from the bottom up, it is a beautiful place to be because it feels like the world is officially now in my hands. Stepping away from the educational experience to which I’ve dedicated the last 22 years of my life is a sentimental experience and guided me towards significant growth. I’ve always questioned what direction I wanted to go with my degree, my career, my life. Now that I am nearing the end of school, I can’t say I’ve lost any of that uncertainty; only that I’ve redirected it towards a new way of thinking about it. I know my worth and value so much more now, despite the obstacles I have faced along the way.

I was interning for a marketing and media business doing content curation and management. The nature of the business centered around helping smaller companies scale their business and discover the branding that matches them and their voice. I had the chance to work with a handful of different types of companies, which gave me a different perspective with each client. I looked at social platforms in terms of scaling a business and it was an experience I’ve never had before. I learned many tools I would need to know to build a successful business, but also how to push my abilities further each day. I’ve learned you must accept your accomplishments and more importantly, your failures as it presents an opportunity for you to grow. There have been so many lessons, which I’ve been taught throughout this internship experience. I now see the true value of interning and how much you can gain from others in the field you’re interested in learning. It is rewarding and eye opening to be taught what you have always been curious about.

During my internship, I learned a great deal over these past few months. Not only about the inner workings of a small business, but about my own creative and career interests as well. I appreciated a strong set of people I worked alongside with whom I share big dreams and goals. The experience helped me look inwards and question what exactly what I want my life to look like post college. Ultimately, we are the ones that create our lives and strive to be where we see ourselves. We all want to feel fulfilled in this big world, and I now have no doubt in my mind I will get there.

Take this away from my brain dump: Life is not a race; we need to maintain a pace with reality.

Everything is happening in divine order. We want to control everything and force things to happen, but trust and go with the flow of your life.

Believe in yourself, create balance in your life, and continue finding happiness in the little things. Let things go and trust yourself to reach your highest potential because you are deserving of that.

Rise above the dualistic nature of the physical world and become one with your existence and your current state of purpose for life.


  1. Hi Nicole, I loved reading this very introspective blog post about your time at your internship. I have found myself feeling that same uncertainty about what I want to do with my life and the direction I want to go in. I’m glad you were able to work at a place that was supportive and uplifting. And it is wonderful to see all that you took away from your internship in an introspective way. Your blog post feels like its from a journal entry or like I’m talking with a friend, I really love your voice in your writing. It was very reassuring for me and the last few lines stood out to me. Especially the sentence “let things go and trust yourself to reach your highest potential because you are deserving of that.” I feel like searching for jobs and internships can be a rollercoaster of emotions, but that really hit home. I am proud of all you have accomplished and I am excited to see where this experience takes you.

  2. Nicole, this was just an inspiring read! Thank you for taking your personal experience and turning it into a great source of advice for others. I am also a firm believer that everything takes place in divine order. Learning to let go is something I still face every day, but the new mindset has brought the most positive changes in my life and in my career.

  3. I loved reading this so much, and I also love the picture you chose 🙂
    I’m interning doing a lot of content creation as well, and as I’m sure you can relate, it’s a lot. I’ve also been practicing having a certain amount of grace and patience with myself. This made me feel reassured, not only that other people are realizing the same things as me, but that I’m not crazy for letting go a little bit. Your voice sounds so hopeful and I’m so glad you’re leaving this experience with a sense of peace, not just with your accomplishments but truly with your inner self.

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