Branding Comes In Many Shapes and Sizes

Hello, all. My name is Rebecca Solomon. This Summer I am working as a marketing intern at Push10 Design Studios, located in Old City, Philadelphia. Push10 is a digital marketing agency that specializes in web design and branding.

One of my main duties as the marketing intern is to help Push10 market itself to potential clients who may be in need of a new website or new branding work. In order to determine which businesses we should target I have composed numerous lists of contacts, sorted by their respective industry (i.e. Specialty Food, Architecture, Medical, etc.).

Something that I was advised to pay attention to when composing my lists was the current site or web presence (including social media), product packaging, and sales outlets, to name a few, of every company on our list. Quickly I was able to tell the difference between a company that required our services (or not). This was largely due to me being able to infer which stage of branding they were in. During my first week at Push10 the lead designer gave me some advice about analyzing companies and brands. She said something along the lines of “companies have several phases of branding… you’ll be able to notice which ones spent money on stuff but have outdated design, we want to target those companies because they have a budget… there are others that simply have no budget because they are relatively new, these companies need time to grow, develop, and gain capital. One day those new companies with have a budget to brand with an agency but for now they are most likely looking to their own devices (i.e. using wordpress templates for a website or their friend or family member who is a graphic designer and will make them a logo that is decent).”

That being said, I now notice myself paying extremely close attention to branding work, whether it’s a logo, a slogan, social media personality of the brand, etc. It has helped me to gain a better understanding of who/how to approach companies. I’m very happy to possess this knowledge because I strongly feel that it will give me better insight in future experiences, maybe leading me to go into branding as a career.

Some clients that Push10 has done branding work for


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  1. Hi Rebecca, this internship has proven to be quite useful! Push10 sounds and looks like it does amazing work and that they truly know what they are doing. It seems like they have taught you skills that you can take with you no matter where you go in life, and you have created a great networking field for the future! I wish you luck on any future internships!

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