Bring Out The Merry Pranksters

Working at Magic Hat this past semester has been a blast but it has had its stressful moments. I’ve been working as the Philadelphia Merry Prankster for Magic Hat Brewing Company, which basically means I work in their Marketing and Sales Department.

What I do is basically build a relationship between both the brand and bar owners as well as the brand and consumers. On a daily basis I visit one of the bars on my account list set up promotions and make sure they have everything they need such as branded glassware or signage. If there is one thing this job has taught me it’s the ability to multitask. I am in charge of a lot and it is important I meet all of my weekly deadlines. These deadlines can include paperwork such as submitting promotion recaps and expenses. Later in the day I visit accounts and hold promotions. What this has taught me is responsibility and confidence. While I do work with my boss most of the time I do have to venture out on my own and there are times that I have experience “problems” and I have to figure things out on my own. This could be that there are less people in the bar than we thought would be and I need to think of some way to really make this promotion stand out. Or an account never received their neon from the wholesaler and I need to find a way to get this to them. I really do feel like I’ve grown so much already in this job.

I really have had such a great experience so far in my internship and can’t wait to see where this takes me. I have met so many great people and learned so much. Here’s to one more semester of Magic Hat Madness!

Magic Hat Fans!
Magic Hat Fans!

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