Broadening My Horizons Through Digital Marketing

My name is Victoria Grzyminski, and I am a senior at Temple University, graduating this May.

My name is Victoria Grzyminski, and I am a senior at Temple University, graduating this May. This semester, I had the privilege of working at Michelle Goldstein Digital, a Digital Marketing Consulting company in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Working at Michelle Goldstein Digital has been one of the biggest learning opportunities of my life. As this was my first internship, I was nervous about what I was getting myself into; however, working alongside Michelle herself has been the best experience and internship for which I could have ever hoped. Working as a Digital Marketing intern, I have come to realize that this field is fun and interesting. In my mind, I was set on working in an ad agency; but after this internship, I have really found a strong interest in working one-on-one with clients creating websites and social media. I have learned how much time and effort is put into creating a website from scratch. One positive aspect of working for this business was being Michelle’s only intern. It made me feel like I was receiving the best learning opportunities and I felt appreciated in the main project I was given. Michelle has been a huge inspiration to me throughout this whole process. She went from working for different marketing agencies in Chicago to working for herself. She’s done this while keeping a wide range of clients and a strong network. I think that this internship was way better than what I was expecting. I learned so much and enjoyed every minute of it. One thing I wish I had done differently was working with a team. Because I was the only intern, I didn’t get the opportunity to work in with a team of interns on certain assignments. I gained a lot from working for Michelle including professional skills, how communication is key to any work-to-client relationship, and how to create working websites using Squarespace. This internship allowed me to not only broaden my horizons, but to also grow more as an individual, and I am excited to see where the future takes me within Digital Marketing.


  1. Hey Victoria, sounds like you had a great learning experience! I too was the only intern at my agency; therefore, I really connected with your comments on that matter. I feel like a one-on-one relationship with an intern supervisor really allows you to grow at a faster pace than one within a team. Happy for you and your accomplishments!

  2. Hi Victoria, it seems like you were able to get a lot out of your experience. Like you, I was also the only intern at my internship, which allowed me to have a great relationship with my boss. I hope you continue to grow, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

  3. Hey Victoria,
    The opportunity to work one on one directly under the CEO of the firm sounds like a very rewarding experience! Additionally the chance to work in New Hope, a smaller suburb is really interesting. In the fast paced marketing world, it is easy to get caught up in the notion that we have to work in a city. It sounds like you were able to have a great learning experience in a different atmosphere.

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