Bubble wrapping a typewriter

The title of this blog is very unusual, much like my internship experience at Quaker City Mercantile. I started interning at QCM in October and had no idea what the experience would be like. This was my first internship, and although I do well in my classes being out in the real world is totally different. Everyone at the agency is very nice and willing to assist me. The office is beautiful yet quirky with wallpaper in the bathroom with black and white faces all over it making it look like people are watching you. I love the unexpectedness of the agency. For example, as you could have guessed from the title, I had to wrap up a vintage type writer and mail it to London. This is just one of my daily tasks. I also do a lot of press for the agency by updating their website. Although PR is not my desired profession, working with press helps me learn about the clients the agency works with. I was also able to shadow an account executive (what I am studying at Temple) which was very exciting. I wish I had more opportunities to help the account executives out since that is what I am interested in, but they always seem so busy and I don’t want to disturb them. Does anyone else feel this way at their internship?

From the press handling all the way to the boss’ dog Muade walking around the office, I have had a wonderful experience so far at QCM.


  1. I definitely feel that there are times everyone is so busy that they should not be disturbed. In my internship experience, I have been working with account executives, so I cannot relate in the sense that you wish you had more experience in that department. I can relate to really enjoying the unexpectedness of working at an ad agency. I do a variety of work at the Brownstein Group as well. I can’t say I’ve bubble wrapped a typewriter, but I have been involved in numerous types of projects, such as picking out the items from a huge catalogue for swag bags.

    My older sister interned at QCM in the PR department last summer. Her major is focused around PR. She, too, wrote a lot of press releases and updated blogs. I definitely got a sense QCM is a quirky environment to work! She told me about some sort of store they have that sells all different types of merchandise, from shirts to rum. I never would have guessed an agency would have that! This just goes to show ad agencies are such a unique place to work. Considering creativity and idea generation is one of the main things that go on inside, it is not surprising!


    Carly Ambrose

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