Hi everyone! My name is Georgie and I am currently a junior Advertising Major with a double concentration in Art Direction and Account Management. When I graduate, I want to work on the creative side of advertising. This past semester, I’ve been working as a Design Intern at Temple University Press.

I have really enjoyed my experience during this internship. As a Design Intern, I really enjoyed working in the Production Department. The people working there are really friendly and are always willing to help. My boss, Kate, was very helpful and taught me a lot about how to design and do the layouts for the Press’ books. As I have never worked in an office before, I was unsure how I would like it. However, I really enjoyed the work environment.

Some of my favorite projects were designing a logo for a book series and creating the book covers. My logo depicted an outline of a cityscape, and it was created for a book series about cities. In total, I made about six book covers. I liked working on the covers, because it was a new experience, and I got to practice my InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop skills. During this internship, I gained a better understanding of InDesign in particular. Next semester, I will continue working there as a paid assistant.