It is not uncommon for companies to plan activities or outings for their staff. These company outings can serve as team building, and morale boosting events for all of the employees at a given company. Crossmedia is no different. Every Friday has become known throughout Crossmedia as Burger Day. Every Friday, each of the Crossmedia locations treats their employees to lunch at a burger restaurant (fear not vegetarians, they make sure you have options too).

Not only does Burger Day get employees out of the office for an hour or two on Fridays, it also serves as a time for the staff to bond. Crossmedia has promoted a sense of family among its staff through events like this, which allow time for the staff to get together outside of the office. Additionally, Burger Day has served as a networking opportunity as well. Occasionally, Crossmedia will host clients or members of creative firms that they work with to join in on Burger Day. I’ve met numerous people in the advertising industry through this weekly experience.

Not only is Burger Day a great way for employees to spend time together away from the office, it is also how I came to meet the Crossmedia Philadelphia team. I was working at a restaurant last semester, which they frequented on Fridays for Burger Day. Over the course of a few weeks, I went from meeting everyone that worked at the Philadelphia office, to being offered an internship with them.