Business Based on Darwin

I had many goals in mind when I first set out to find an internship. I searched high and low for agencies and branding companies that I felt could teach me the most, while looking the best on my resume. I know, that seems shallow. It was like searching for a significant other based on looks, not personality. (Don’t judge, we all do it at one point or another.) None the less, in my search for prestigious opportunities, I stumbled upon a very unexpected discovery that has taught me more than the typical “eye-candy” agency.

For the past several weeks, I have interned at Finch Brands. A small company, focused on brand development through effective strategy and clean design. They are a small group of dedicated men and women, who have weathered the storm of the 2008 recession and emerged a stronger, more efficient version of themselves. Prior to 2008, Finch Brands was a packed house of strategists, account managers and designers. But like many of its Philadelphia ad brethren, the recession hit hard; taking with it chucks of clients.

Despite this blow, Finch Brands has once again started to grow, vying for the top spot it once held. I was brought on board with Finch, just as the boat was leaving the harbor. Almost every week, the partners, Daniel and Jordan, and the team of creative strategists took on new meetings and won more business. For them, this is just the start. Their creative direction is simple and concise, while their turn around is practically unheard of.

Throughout my internship, I got a taste of what post-recession energy is like; their eagerness is contagious. While other agency’s may still be weathering the storm, Finch Brands is lining up the troops for a return to battle, with a unanimous understanding that the dark days will soon be over.

Their kitchen is not stocked with top shelf liquor, and their office is not featured in interior design journals. However, their culture equally as vibrant, as any leading agency in the city. I am lucky to have interned in an office with this kind of mindset. It showed me that in this economic climate of belt tightening and hiring freezes, survival is found in the work ethic that exudes. It has been an unexpected discovery, that of which has left a lasting impression. Finch, I have appreciated the opportunity to be a small part of your regrowth.

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