Community Spirit: the Greenery Door Decorating Contest

In our community, we wanted to add more fun and bring people together. So, my manager, Precious, and I put our heads together to think of something exciting. That’s when we came up with the idea of the Greenery Door Decorating Contest – a way for everyone to show off their creativity and join in on the community spirit during Halloween!

Planning the contest was so much fun! We picked a theme that everyone could enjoy, and we found cool prizes to make it even more exciting. Then, we spread the word using our social media. It was my job to design ads to catch everyone’s attention. Canva helped me a lot with this because they have so many color design elements to choose from. When the big day came, our community turned into a spooky wonderland. Many doors were decorated in the spookiest fashion (although I completely forgot to do mine!). It was tough picking winners, but we had a great time seeing all the designs.

The success of the Greenery Door Decorating Contest made us want to do more fun things in the future. We’re excited about what’s to come and can’t wait to see our community continue to grow closer and have more great times together. Maybe next we can do a Christmas tree contest!

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